Understand the Indian Market


Through insights, exploration, and more!

Market Insights

Competition is increasing across sectors, marketplace dynamics are becoming more complex, and you are considering entering and growing your business in one of the largest emerging markets in the world. To enable success in such a diverse environment market insight is critical.

Customised Insights

EBTCs’ customised insights help provide tailored solutions that enable organisations to face challenges and opportunities in a dynamic marketplace.

Speak to a specialist

Sectors specialists and business executives are available to provide information on market access barriers in specific sectors and regions.

Knowledge Centre

Access a growing repository of publications and online learning tools in the knowledge centre.

Preliminary sector market reports and snapshots

Access a growing repository of publications from reports, snapshots, market insights, guidelines, white papers and more.

Webinars & Livestream events

It may not be possible for you to come to India, but you might be keen to understand the market and EBTC organises regular webinars as well as livestreamed events.

Guidance on Doing Business in India

Check our e-lectures "Doing Business in India", which have been developed as part of our capacity building measures.

Market Exploration

To understand India and access the feasibility of bringing your business or research to the country, it is important to be physically present in the country.


Throughout the year, EBTC organises conferences, missions, summits, delegations, workshops, seminars and more, in India as well as the EU.

Customised Market Exploration

The EBTC team can plan a customised trip for you to meet relevant people at all levels and let you return with clarity on India.

We will help you research and prepare for your visit before you arrive:

  • Prepare a customised itinerary for the most efficient site visits and partner meetings.
  • Guide and support you constantly through a dedicated member of staff.
  • Market Entry & Business Strategies.

In a market as large and diverse as India, a sustainable market entry strategy is crucial for the success of any technology in the market.

EBTC is here to make your transition into this dynamic emerging market as smooth as possible. With strong local knowledge, we can help to devise an individual strategy:

  • Mapping of market conditions.
  • Information on legal, technical and other relevant conditions.
  • Defining methods of operation and functions.
  • Support in government, legal and other necessary procedures.


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