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EBTC helps to foster a unique ecosystem for innovation and create true value for society by encouraging and supporting EU-India relationships between researchers, institutions, and SMEs.

Rich in history and diversity, both the EU and India have a long legacy of pioneering innovative research and development across sectors. 

We help to mobilise ideas and create opportunities through organising cooperation’s and creating opportunities for networking.

Tell us about yourself

Register your profile with EBTC; tell us about yourself, requirements and your research area. This will help us analyse feasibility, find collaborative partnerships, guide you through policies, find funding options, and support you through to commercialisation.

Collaborative Innovation

Developing a culture of international innovation is at the heart of R&D within all organisations, and therefore our research support is open to not just researchers and institutions, but also organisations such as SME’s.

The recognised difficulty is accessing R&D programmes, and ensuring comparable conditions. EBTC treats EU-India scientific cooperation as vital to provide solutions to common concerns, and we help to develop approaches to protect the interest of all parties. Our experts are there to guide you through key initiatives from the EU’s ‘Innovation Union’ – a flagship initiative to secure the EU’s global competitiveness.

With the mapping of research competencies of Indian institutes and SME’s, we are sure to be able to identify opportunities and find research and development partners.

Research Funding

EBTC does not provide funding, however along with the Enterprise Europe Network India, EBTC does provide guidance and can help you plug into EU-funded research programmes.

With an €80 billion budget, Horizon 2020 (running from 2014-2020) is the key financial instrument to implement the EU’s Innovation Union, and will combine research and innovation funding currently provided through the Framework Programmes (FP), the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP) and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT).

Alongside researchers and institutes, SMEs are also encouraged to participate in the Horizon 2020 programmes through a new instrument dedicated to SMEs. We encourage EU SMEs based in India or in the EU to contact us for any assistance required in the application of EU research grants.

Protect your technology - Indo-European Facilitation Forum

Protecting your ideas and technologies is made easy through our IP Facilitation Forum and a range of services to address all your IPR concerns. The facilitation forum was launched with the objective of facilitating technology commercialization, as well as the management of IPR issues related to India. It will provide information about IPR laws in India and recent amendments / judgments in IPR cases as well as their implications for European organizations.

 From Lab to Market

By now, you have developed your product, tested it in the lab, and it’s ready to be brought into the market. Our business development executives are here to support you in turning your innovation into a business opportunity. A study is also being undertaken to forecast technology development in India for commercialization.

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