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EBTC exists to make the journey to developing and establishing your business in India easier. 

A large and diverse Indian market can be overwhelming, especially for SMEs with limited resources, and our services enable businesses to navigate the market efficiently.

Our team members are at your disposal to guide you through the abundance of opportunities available, and transform these into sustainable ventures.

Whichever stage of exploration or expansion an organisation might be at, EBTC offers a comprehensive range of customisable services for businesses.

EBTC’s services are further extended as the lead coordinator for Enterprise Europe Network in India, the largest technology platform in the world.

Tell us about yourself

Register your profile with EBTC and tell us about yourself, your organisation and your requirements so we can guide you effectively from exploring the market to establishing partnerships.

The online journey

Take the first steps from the comfort of your desk, and learn about doing business in India, or specific sectors from EBTC’s e-learning and webinars. These are ideal platforms for you to have your burning questions answered by industry experts and specialists.

So now that you have received some background, but have more issues that need to be solved, perhaps our reports and market insights can answer your queries, and if not, ask an expert and you will receive a prompt reply.

Explore opportunities first hand

There is no better way to understand a country as diverse as India, than by actually exploring the country, people, and most importantly – your sector of interest first hand. Although we have core competencies in biotechnology, energy, environment and transport, at EBTC we are here to help everyone with an interest in India.

For maximum benefit and exposure, showcase your technologies and innovations either through the European Technology Experience Centre (ETEC) – a dedicated platform for EU technologies in India. Or showcase your solutions at one of EBTC’s events which are platforms to bring together experts and professionals in a particular sector. A common facet of EBTC’s events includes workshops, seminars, pre-screened B2B meetings, meetings with decision makers and policy makers, as well as market exploration through site visits.

Protect your technology - Indo-European IP Facilitation Forum

Protecting your ideas and technologies is made easy through our IP Facilitation Forum and a range of services to address all your IPR concerns. Launched with the objective of facilitating technology commercialization, as well as the management of IPR issues related to India, the forum will provide information about IPR laws in India and recent amendments / judgments in IPR cases as well as their implications for European organizations.

Turn opportunities into business deals

The opportunity has been realised, and you are ready to take the next step to establishing your business in India. Take advantage of our personalised toolbox of services.

EBTC organises customized online and offline meetings; market exploration trips, and reports. With experts on board, we will support you and help develop your own individual market entry strategy for approaching and succeeding in the Indian market.

Increase visibility in India

Providing technology incubation and more, the European Technology Experience Centre (ETEC) is a dedicated space to showcase European technologies in India. EBTC can also help to adapt your technology to the Indian market

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