Enabling water and soil purification technologies by a Swedish SME to explore the Indian and global market - Globe Water AB (Sweden)


Globe Water AB is a Swedish SME that explores and develops special eco-technologies based on their own patented methods within the area of water and soil purification. These eco-technologies have shown to be as effective as conventional purification systems. With the help of EBTC, and two agreements were signed to enable Globe Water’s technology to be brought to India as well as internationally.

The agreement with Aqua-Q AB is intended to bring to India, the treatment of Leachete water, eco soil, solutions for soil remediation and Sorbus in collaboration with Globe Water AB.

With Symbio Greentech Pvt. Ltd, Globe Water will be providing different solutions to address issues related to soil and water cleaning in India and internationally, and are cooperating in providing technical skills, identifying customers, pilot projects, adapting technologies and promotion.

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