Services for Cluster Collaboration


EBTC is exploring the development of business and research relationships with clusters in India to enhance the success of collaborative ventures.

The cluster landscape in India in comparison to Europe is complicated and at a different scale of operation. India is a perplexing place for European clusters as they set out to internationalise.

EBTC is cooperating with the European Cluster Collaboration Platform (ECCP), one of the main EU instruments for promoting transnational cluster cooperation in India.

ECCP is an open online platform that provides a range of services to facilitate the interaction between companies and clusters within Europe but also with international partners.

Tell us about your Cluster

Register your profile with EBTC and tell us about yourself, your member organisations and your requirements so we can guide you effectively from exploring the market to establishing partnerships. 

The Cluster Helpdesk

Learn about clusters in India by posing specific queries regarding your interests through the cluster helpdesk which will endeavour to answer your queries by involving the EBTC’s sector specialist’s as well as cluster experts from the cluster ecosystem that is being created around the helpdesk.

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Explore opportunities first hand

There is no better way to understand a country as diverse as India, than by actually exploring the country, people, and most importantly – your sector of interest first hand.

For maximum benefit and exposure, showcase your clusters technologies and innovations via the European Technology Experience Centre (ETEC), or at one of EBTC’s events, co-organised with our partners. 

A common facet of EBTC’s events includes workshops, seminars, pre-screened meetings as well as market exploration.

Protect your technology - Indo-European IP Facilitation Forum

Protecting your ideas and technologies is made easy through our IP Facilitation Forum and a range of services to address all your IPR concerns. The forum will provide information about IPR laws in India and recent amendments / judgments in IPR cases as well as their implications for European organizations (including clusters).

Turn opportunities into deals

The opportunity has been realised, and you are ready to take the next step. Take advantage of our personalised toolbox services - we organise customized online and offline meetings with businesses, researchers, other clusters, decision and policy makers, market exploration trips, and reports. With experts on board, we will support exploring opportunities and help in the development of your clusters’ market entry strategy for succeeding in the Indian market and more.

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