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The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) has commissioned the EU Smart Cities Knowledge & Innovation Programme (SCKIP) to support the ambitious and enterprising projects in India. Areas of action are at the Municipal-, State- and Central level for (Re) Development of smart infrastructure for Cities (public & private) and Ports (greenfield & brownfield) projects.

European Governments and organisations have best practices that have been tried and tested in European cities, which could be of great value to the Indian stakeholders.

EBTC through this programme intends to bring the European technologies, innovations, frameworks, best practices, case studies and standards to one platform, which will eventually be positioned and presented to the stakeholders at the conceptual and operational stages of the Smart Cities projects in India.

Challenges: The initiative of creating 100 Smart Cities is of course a fantastic development for India, but it also has its challenges. How does a European company get in touch with Indian stakeholders? How do the Indian local governments, municipal corporations and consultants handle all the different types of organisations across the globe that they are approached by? Once an interaction has occurred between a municipality and a business delegation, who facilitates and coordinates the follow up? Based on the capabilities of a cluster of companies, or a trade delegation, how do you know which ‘Smart City’ best matches the solutions that these parties have to offer?

Approach: On the one hand, through this programme EBTC will be sharing the European technologies to the Indian counterparts. However, the main approach is to support the Indian side by providing solutions to actual demands and challenges that are relevant for a particular body. The respective Indian entities that have partnered with EBTC for this initiative are on a daily basis reaching out with queries to which we source solutions in Europe. This way the sharing of knowledge/information is much more relevant and efficient for all parties involved. 

EU India Smart Cities Knowledge and Innovation Programme has signed MOUs for technical cooperation with the municipalities of: Navi Mumbai and Pune in Maharashtra, Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, Naya Raipur in Chattisgarh and Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh. Many more are in the pipeline as our Indian counterparts see the value that EBTC has to offer with this value proposition.

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