Study Report on Automotive “ITS and e-Mobility”

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EBTC and SESEI (Seconded European Standardisation Expert in India) have released a new study report on "Automotive: ITS and e-Mobility."


The all-encompassing issue for transport professionals has been sustainability and its links with energy, environment and economic growth. This is particularly true with respect to the developing world. Most cities in India have seen an exponential growth in number of vehicles on the road in the last two decades. The high growth rate of population and motor vehicles simultaneously has led to this greater complexity of vehicular traffic and consequent increasing rates of congestion and number of accidents.

The implementation of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) and Electric Vehicles (EVs) to alleviate the effects of uncontrolled automotive growth and urbanisation have gained ground in the recent past. Two things stand out – that the Indian market is rapidly evolving and new technologies need the right support to flourish. The present study focuses on the use of standardization in paving the way for adoption of these technologies in the nascent Indian market.

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