Highlights from Smart Mobility World 2014, Connected Automobiles & EEN


EBTC and CEIPiemonte were in Turin from 12th - 14th November 2014 to undertake activities that included visiting an R&D centre in the ICT domain, actively participating in, and presenting at Smart Mobility World 2014 (and a side event - Connected Automobiles 2014). During these, as well as an EEN brokerage event, the immense scope of opportunities was evident.

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Key Proceedings
Day 1 – 12th November 2014

The first day began with a meeting with the Istituto Superiore Mario Boella (ISMB), a research and innovation centre operating in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) domain. The meeting was attended by:

  • Dr. Paolo Malussano, R&D Deputy Director, ISMB
  • Ms. Annalisa Gamba, Ceipiemonte
  • Mr. Marzio Bianchi, Ceipiemonte
  • Mr. Dibyendu Sengupta, EBTC

During the meetings, Dr. Malussano gave an overview of the Institute, and some key points discussed included:

  • Focus of ISMB includes ICT (including mobile apps, and Internet of Things (IoT)), Smart Energy and Smart Grids.
  • ISMB has previous collaborative experience of working with Indian organisations like IIM Ahmedabad and IMT Ghaziabad.
  • Interested in exploring the possibility of having an Indian subsidiary, on lines with the Vietnam subsidiary of ISMB.

Following this, visits of the facilities were undertaken to have an insight into satellite navigation technologies; smart residential energy monitoring, Pervasive Technologies, and Internet of Things (IoT)

Day 2 – 13th November 2014

Day 2 was spent at the Smart Mobility World Exhibition and Conference 2014 at Lingotto Congress Center inTurin. 

Under the Connected Automobiles 2014 side-event, in the session titled ‘International Conference on Intelligent Transport Systems’ organised by SAE Torino, Mr. Dibyendu Sengupta presented and provided key insights in to ITS in India, discussing the vision for ITS and challenges presented. He also participated inthe Round Table titled “Human Centered Mobility and ITS”. 

In addition, meetings were organised at the EEN Brokerage Event with companies to understand their India interests and the potential of EBTC services facilitating their entry. These included ByLogix, s.r.l., Greenspider gmbh, and BMooble.

Day 3 – 14th November 2014

The final day began with a visit to the Environment Park s.p.a (Parco Scientifico Tecnologico per l'Ambiente) which is an innovation accelerator for businesses looking to use eco-efficient solutions to expand their markets. Its activities are divided into two business units: Innovation and Development and Real Estate Services.

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The first provides expert technical advice and market solutions in Green Building, Plasma Nano-Tech, Green Chemistry (biomass treatment), Advanced Energy (energy production and storage) and Clean Tech (technology transfer). The meeting was attended by:

  • Dr. Davide Damosso, Director, Environment Park
  • Alessandro Graizzaro, Area Manager, Environment Park
  • Mr. Marzio Bianchi, Ceipiemonte
  • Mr. Dibyendu Sengupta, EBTC

In the afternoon, a meeting was held with Mr. Marco Congiatu, Head of Business Development, Electro Power Systems (EPS). EPS is a company specialising in patented fuel cell technology and other energy storage solutions, for stationary and transport applications.

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