Technology Landscape


The decision of entering a new market and transferring technology is a crucial decision for any organisation. At times, these decisions are made after analysing market dynamics and the IP framework of a country.

Prepare patent landscapes for clean technologies: India scenario

India is a large market to several European companies who wish to enter India, and it is crucial to understand the current state of technologies which exist in India. The IP facilitation forum provides an overview of a specific technology using patent information. Information such as the number of patents granted and filed in India, major players, areas in which the technology is mostly used, etc are provided to aid essential strategic business decisions.

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Identify opportunities of technological collaboration

The facilitation forum brings Europe closer to India for technological collaborations by playing a role in identifying the right opportunities and providing European organisations platforms to showcase their technologies to Indian companies. 


  • A nominal fee is charged by EBTC against this service
  • Technology commercialisation is charged in percentage of the total licensing fee. The fee will vary from 2.5% to 7% depending upon the technology domain.


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