IP Filing Services

IP filing, registration and coordination with the Indian Patent office

As an emerging market with high potential, the protection of innovations in multiple jurisdictions is an important strategy to create new markets in India. The IP facilitation forum facilitates filing patent applications for European SMEs in India. It also provides prosecution support until the grant of the application in India. Further support can be provided for licensing that patented technology in India.


  • A nominal fee is charged by EBTC against this service above the Government fee.
  • Technology commercialisation is charged in percentage of the total licensing fee. The fee will vary from 2.5% to 7% depending upon the technology domain.

IP prosecution support with the Indian Patent Office

European SMEs who require assistance in prosecuting intellectual property applications can approach the forum for guidance. A pool of elite Indian IP professionals are registered with EBTC to advice and support in the prosecution of patent applications in India.

  • Fee: A nominal fee is charged by EBTC against this service over and IP professional and the Government fee.

Reduce IP risk for licensing, technology transfer and other IP concerns

The IP facilitation forum can advise European companies interested in technology commercialisation to identify risks associated with the technology transfer. We are also equiped to conduct technology verification using a third party so that critical IP information is not shared. We conduct due diligence on the Indian partner and opine the European company on the risks involved before proceeding with a technology transfer agreement.

  • Fee: A nominal fee is charged by EBTC for this service.


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