IP Information Services

Information on Indian Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) acts, rules & regulations

The IP facilitation forum provides information related to various IP laws in India such as the Indian Patent Law, Copyright Law, Trademark Law, Design Law etc, to European companies interested in enter into India. We is able to provide continuous updates on the latest developments for the benefit of European SMEs.


Aggregate IP Concerns of European Companies

The IP facilitation forum is active in voicing the concerns of European businesses on IPR at different platforms. We continuously monitor, track, and aggregate the developments happening in India in Intellectual Property, Public Policy, and Market Access and accordingly inform EUROCHAMBRES for policy advocacy.


Webinars, presentations, and case studies for IPR

In addition to organising seminars and workshops to deliberate IPR issues in India, the IP facilitation forum has also been conducting webinars for the European companies to prepare them for IPR laws, statutes and regulations in India. We actively follow developments in the IPR domain and work to disseminate this information to European Companies. The facilitation forum also organizes various seminars and conference to deliberate on the IPR issues in India.


Template IPR agreements

The IP facilitation forum is actively involved in assisting European companies in successfully commercialising their technologies in India by way of making technology transfer agreements between European and Indian companies. Many such technology transfer templates are provided by the forum.

  • Fee: This service is provided free of cost


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