Commercial collaboration agreement in demand-responsive urban transport solutions


EBTC facilitated Spain-based Skybus to enter into a commercial collaboration agreement with an Indore-based consultancy firm - Resotech Consultancy Services Pvt. Ltd.

Skybus is a software company specialised in Demand-Responsive Transport (DRT) for cities and metropolitan areas. Skybus DRT-enabled services can be used for commuters, tourists, children & teenagers, elderly and other specific population segments to reduce travel time, fuel consumption and redundant trips.

Skybus will use Resotech’s partnership to work towards business development in India and a joint sales plan.

Mr. Juan Luis from Skybus wrote:

"Dear Dibyendu,

Many thanks for the introductions, the meeting was indeed very helpful and we have started to discuss about the possibilities of Skybus for Mahindra World Cities' of Jaipur and Chennai"

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