Software to monitor and model the energy consumption of an industry or building - NewEn Ltd (Italy)


NewEn is an Italian Energy Services Company specializing in traditional and renewable solutions for energy efficiency, costs saving and environmental sustainability. Through EBTC, NewEn were able to connect to Enfragy Solution based in Kolkata to develop and pilot their innovative software.

The rationalization process follows an integrated systemic and scientific approach including interventions in the areas of traditional and renewable plants, productive machineries, productive processes, building envelope and energy economics.

Connected and facilitated by EBTC (from partner identification and matchmaking, to providing a platform to sign an MoU at the ‘Conference on Renewable Energy-Policy Regulation, Technology and Finance in India’ in Mumbai), NewEn Ltd and Enfragy Solutions signed an agreement to design, implement, test and commercialize an innovative software tool able to monitor and model the energy consumption (including electrical, natural gas, water, gas, oil), of an industry or a building and to optimize the energy plants, the machineries consumptions and the production processes. This started from ‘RACE,’ a software tool already implemented by NewEn.

Enfragy Solutions has a proven track record in ITES driven support services in energy efficiency and conservation and currently delivers audit, advisory and EPC services to both the public and private sector clients across India.

Beta installations of the software have since been launched and NewEn are looking forward to the next phase.

“EBTC’s people have been crucial for NewEn’s entrance in India. Their support enabled the definition of the MoU. We have also to be grateful to EBTC for their proposal to incubate the Indian NewEn branch (or perhaps a new company) in their premises providing us all the necessary operative support in the different States where they are present and where we can have business opportunities.”
- Mr. Gianni Redaelli (Managing Director, NewEn Ltd)

“The Cooperation between NewEn and Enfragy would help in designing and implementing a best-in-class software tool for energy monitoring and analysis across the entire spectrum of energy intensive users for India, Europe and other International markets."
- Mr. Deb Mukherjee (Managing Director, Enfragy Solutions)


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