Representing the India chapter at the EEN Conference 2014 in Torino


Presenting an important opportunity to network with EEN members across the world, Mr. Joerg Uehlin (Head of Operations, EBTC) and Mr. Vittalkumar Dhage (Energy Sector Specialist, EBTC) reflect on the inspiring Annual Enterprise Europe Conference 2014:

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"Since EBTC is the EEN India Consortium leader and managed to put India on the Enterprise Europe Network map, we couldn’t miss this opportunity to attend the Annual Enterprise Europe Conference which happened in Turin and was hosted at the Stadio Olimpico. This was our opportunity to connect with our EEN colleagues across the world and explore their interests as we are still a fairly new member.

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The Conference was impressive and very well organised and as Vittalkumar puts it - it was 'Olympic style' with all the different EEN countries present. It was exciting to see the dynamic of this network and the dedication and networking of the members. So in order to maximise the value for EBTC and EEN India our schedule was packed with B2B meetings with other EEN Partners to find out exactly what interests European SMEs have in India and what we can do to support them.

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We also managed to attend several interesting talks and learn about the Sector Groups in more detail for which EBTC is now applying. The power in EEN really lies in the personal connection and we were surprised that some members had still not heard of EEN India which we made our mission to get it the visibility it deserves.

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A truly magnificent moment, Vittalkumar was given the honour to be the flag bearer for India and represent India in the official closing ceremony in front of the more than 100 guests."

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