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Enhance your Competitiveness with Solution-Based Co-Creation

Thursday 27 November 2014 02:30pm - 06:00pm

'Enhance your Competitiveness with Solution-Based Co-Creation' is the final event of the innovative project - Complex Cleantech Solutions (CCS).


Hosted by CLEAN and the Danish Industry Foundation, the event will present the results of this innovative project, and launch a brand new model for working with international, solution-based co-creation. Along with the learnings of the CCS project, this model will give you the toolkit to enhance your competitiveness and gain access to the world’s largest and most complex cleantech challenges.


At the event, high-level stakeholders will discuss the impacts of the CCS project on the opportunities for Danish companies and organisations to get involved in solving these global complex challenges.


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Location : Brøndsalen, Pile Allé 14a, 2000 Frederiksberg.


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