The Euro-India Research Centre (EIRC)


Partner-logo-Euro-India-Research-CentreThe Euro-India Research Centre (EIRC) helps Indian organisations access and benefit from EU funding in Research and Development. EIRC will achieve this through a permanent platform for co-operation between India and the European Union (EU) that will promote co-operation at a research level.

In India, the National Contact Point (NCP) is the entity that supports the scientific and business communities in accessing EU funds for Research and Development. The Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (MCIT) has been chosen by the Indian government as NCP for ICT co-operation with the EU. MIT will be supported by the Indian Research Support Network (IRSN).

EIRC are the framework programme experts based out of the strategic research and IT hotbed location, Bangalore, keen on forging relationships and partnerships to promote S&T cooperation. EIRC is a research and management consulting firm and has assisted in EU-India FP7 projects and activities. Their current priorities include ICT, Energy, Environment, Food and biotechnology, and social sciences and the humanities sectors.

EIRC has 7 years of organizational experience in participating in the coordination and support action projects of the EU sixth and seventh Framework programme.

It is backed by the knowledge and expertise of both the European pulse and Indian scenario by virtue of its participation in the framework programme in the ICT, Environment, Energy and the Biotechnology sectors.

Their aim is to facilitate new scientific partnerships and catalyze budding new collaborations between academia, research establishments, and businesses between the EU member states and India through interactive workshops and seminars.

They also provide information services on FP7 related topics, provide analysis and consultation services for first time participants, and they help find partners for research collaborations to participate in FP7.

EIRC is on the way to increasing the policy dialogue between EU and India in ICT and S&T sectors through ongoing projects with an aim to enhance the methodology of joint cooperation between the EU and India through EC funded projects like 'Synchronizer' and 'India Gate.' The mission of these projects is to bring about mutually tangible benefits to the EU and India.

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