Below are a few frequently asked questions, however we encourage you to contact us for specific information. 


What is the EBTC?

The European Business and Technology Centre (EBTC) was constituted in 2008 as a programme co-funded by the European Union. It transitioned to an independent organisation in March 2016, continuing the EU mandate to facilitate Europe-India cross-border collaboration. EBTC as an organisation is coordinated by EUROCHAMBRES, the Association of European Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

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Why India? 

India is a fast growing market, facing significant environmental and demographic issues. European SMEs will find a broad number of opportunities and can provide the technology to cope with those issues.

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Where is the EBTC located? 

EBTC has its headquarters in New Delhi, and a regional presence in Bengaluru. We are however active on a pan-Indian level.

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How can we help protect the IPR of European solutions in India? 

We have launched a Indo-European IP Facilitation Forum with the objective of facilitating technology commercialization as well as the management of IPR issues related to India. The forum will provide information about IPR laws in India by conducting webinars. We also offer value-added services that include IP filing support services, IP enforcement services through empanelled agencies and technical IP services.

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How is EBTC connected to the Enterprise Europe Network? 

EBTC is the consortium leader for the Enterprise-Europe-Network in India.

The Enterprise European Network helps small businesses to make the most of the European market, and it helps your company enter new markets, sources or licences new technologies, puts you together with international business partners and helps you to access EU funding for your company.


Does EBTC provide funding? 

No, EBTC does not provide funding although we can provide assistance in the identification of funding. Our other services notably include:

  • Technology transfer services
  • Market insight
  • Market exploration
  • Project / partner identification
  • Market entry strategies
  • IPR helpdesk
  • Tender support
  • Funding & financing identification
  • Business and Technology incubation services
  • Event hosting 


How much does EBTC’s services cost? 

EBTC’s services are tailor-made depending on your requirements, however it’s free to enquire, engage in webinars, or access online knowledge. 


Where can I find market reports? 

All of EBTC’s market reports, snapshots, white papers, and more can be found in the EBTC Cleantech Platform.

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Who funds/supports EBTC? 

EBTC is an independant self-supporting, not-for-profit organisation.


What is the European dimension of EBTC? 

EBTC originated as a programme co-funded by the European Union. Our mission is to bring Europe and India closer through technology collaborations. We have a pan-European presence through both EUROCHAMBRES, our Brussels-based coordinator who has a presence in all EU countries through the national chambres of commerce and industry, and our participation in the Europe Enterprise Network, for which we are the consortium leader in India. We also work in conjunction with supporting organisations in India and the EU.


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